About US

Hiring a bookkeeper is a bit like dating…

I say “Hi”, you say “Hi”, we exchange numbers…

We get to know each other, it’s a bit awkward at first…

01. Strategic

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!  We look for ways to help you cut costs, simplify your workflow and increase that bottom line, helping you to measure and meet your goals!

02. Professional

Professional doesn’t have to mean stuffy!  When you ask a question or have a concern, you get an honest, simple to understand explanation.  We also hold ourselves to the highest standards and take great care to ensure your data is secure!

03. Loyal

Your business is my business!  As a client, you become part of the MBB family, which means we are always here to support you and help find solutions to your pain points.  Your success is our goal!

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Business owners who work with a bookkeeper often find their productivity increases, while their stress level decreases.  Come tax time, they really spot the difference.  What could you accomplish with more hours back in your day?


Reduction in Stress


Increase in productivity

Meet your Bookkeeper

Dana Zincir

Founder & Head Bookkeeping Ninja

I love helping business owners get the most out of their businesses by keeping their books in tip-top shape. I help business owners like you have more time to do the things they want to do without the struggle of trying to get the books done. All this free time allows you to focus on growing your business! Not only am I an organizational and bookkeeping wiz, I love finding ways to help you save money!

When i’m not balancing the books or creating a killer cash flow analysis, I can be found fishing with my kids or chilling on the beach reading a book. If i’m lucky, I might even get to build a sandcastle that doesn’t get stomped on, Godzilla style. In the spring, I work with the local VITA chapter as a Volunteer Tax Preparer.

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